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I've finally made a Pottermore account. Randomly enough, my username is GlowScarlet20484, and I'm in...Gryffindor? I answered all the questions completely honestly and without trying to manipulate, so I don't know how I got Gryffindor, since courage, honor, etc etc has never been my stand-out characteristics...? I would have preferred Slytherine, but would've expected Ravenclaw to fit me best. But I defer to JKR in all things, including my own inner nature, so GO GO Gryffindor!

Also, open to friend requests from random internet people :)


Random Recs

Quick, everybody go read these fics, because they are AWESOME!

In Time, Once Again -- If you've read Rapture by Mia Ugly (and honestly, who hasn't?), then you will love this, money back guaranteed.

Street Fighting ManSummary: Severus Snape has a very boring job. He assures government efficiency or something overly banal like that. He basically attends lots of boring meetings and fills out paperwork that, if possible, is more boring than the meetings. That's what everyone believes. Everyone but Harry, that is. Despite everyone from the Minister to Ron telling Harry to leave it alone, he can't. Something keeps telling him he's right about Severus this time.

Both courtesy of Snarry-A-Thon 2012, hence anonymous for now. But...moment of truth: are you a true Snarry fan or not? I submit that any true Snarry fan will be able to name the authors of these fics within ten minutes of reading.
This year, I have decided to actually keep track of the fanfic that I read. I keep reading really good fics that I mean to review, but I always end up forgetting. Also, since I spend roughly 50% of my reading time on fanfic, it'll be nice to look back at the end of the year.

I actually read this one on Christmas, but it's such a fantastic fic that of course it has to be the first entry for 2012!

Chrysalis by starcrossedgirl
SS/HP, NC-17, ~86K
Genre: H/C, romance, EWE
Summary: In which Harry is a bit messed up after the war, but Snape gives him a run for his money. Or: an epic tale of PTSD, recovery and gay porn!

My thoughts:
These days, novel-length Snarries that are thoughtfully developed are increasingly rare. This fic is such a lovely gem, because not only is it long, but it is also very emotionally satisfying. This is very much a quintessential H/C fic, but there is none of that annoying sappiness or pity-fest melodrama that is so prevalent in this genre. The author manages to weave in some of the classic genre elements without making it seem cliche or ooc. Snape displays a compelling mix of vulnerability and impenetrability, harshness and surprising sweetness. Snape is most delicious when he is completely fucked up, imo. Harry also does his own fucked up thing, and together they do their fucked up Snape-and-Harry song and dance. And they make out a lot. I love that things are hurt-y and angsty and broken, but ultimately there is redemption for everyone. And there is Draco, too, which is always good. 

Verdict: Recommended
The Snape-Harry dynamic of this fic brings to mind Aucta Sinistra's Scratch series (especially the snowball fight scene), also Sushi's Civil War series.

Snarry Cliche Fest reviews

ETA: All recs now posted, authors also posted.

My reactions/reviews/recs for the Snarry Cliche fest at snape_potter. Will be updated in real time in the order that I read them, so if you're curious keep checking in. I'll admit, I've been way too busy to read Snarry, and was totally only going to look at the pictures from this fest. But then I glanced at the beginning of a fic with an intriguing title and accidentally read the whole thing. And then I accidentally read 5 more fic entries. Oops, now I can't stop. This fest is turning out an astounding quantity of quality Snarry fics, and I am quite impressed. I can't not review them all.

However, it is deceptively named (or perhaps ironically?). I would like to petition that the name of this fest be changed to "New Twist on the Old Cliche" Fest.  

* especially good
** especially, really, REALLY good

Lacrimosa in the Tesco Coffee Aisle, NC-17, 25,500 words.** 
by gingertart50
Yup, this was the Title that hooked me - I didn't know what Lacrimosa meant but it sounded beautiful and tragic and unlikely to be found in Tesco. And the fic delivered everything its title promised. Oh god, so many things I loved about this fic, where do I even begin? One of the most remarkable qualities of this story is its utter plausibility - it could pass for cannon in a heartbeat, and I'm not just saying that out of wishful thinking! It picks up right after the Epilogue when Harry inadvertently discovers Snape while grocery shopping, and they set out on a path of mutual salvation/destruction, one littered with angsty sex, unresolved feelings, and breaking-up-without-ever-being-together. Characterization of Snape and Harry is marvelous, as is the progression of their relationship. The story feels longer than 25k words yet zipped along, sparking happy grins on my face the whole way. I felt so much love and happiness after read this. What made the story irresistible are the charming details like the Felix Felicis and secondary characters - the Malfoys, Harry's children, the Weasleys, the smart-mouthed house elf, even Ginny. The romance had cliche elements here and there, sure, and the resolutions were convenient as they never are outside of fiction. But a good story is never defined by genres or cliches or even plots; it is defined by its ability to make a reader emotionally invested in spite of, regardless of, even because of all those things - and this story is truly brilliant. 

Bewitched, PG, 2,250 words.
by torino10154
Lol, short and cute. Harry has a run in with the TV

Eight Months and Forever, NC-17, 12,900 words.
by k8bnimble
Harry on the shrink's couch to deal with his traumatic experience at Malfoy Manor after being left behind inadvertently during Dobby's rescue. Sort of a mixture of a dark horror story and a soppy romance. Engaging, but disturbing. Not so much the sexual aspects - it's actually quite tame as far as the capture-rape-torture genre goes, and is more psychological than pornographic - but more to do with the characterization and the relationship. A bit of ooc-ness I thought, and a problematic relationship built on stockholm syndrome. However, inventive (and successful) use of narrative structure and flashbacks, and a hopeful ending. Worth checking out.

Saturday’s Song, NC-17, 10,062 words.
by emynn
This is what I would consider a truly cliche fic (not in a critical way). "Snape rejects Harry for his own good, but still secretly loves him and wants him back, and of course Harry comes back because he could never move on without Snape, he can't love anyone but Snape!" I have to confess, Snape purposely rejecting Harry and then regretting it is actually my single favorite cliche plotpoints ever, and no matter how overdone it is, it's never done enough. So if this is also your thing, and you don't mind a bit of melodramatic!Snape lol, this is worth checking out.

Seven, R, 3,000+ words.*
by emilywaters76
WTFLOfuckingL!! The craziest crackiest but funniest thing ever, I love it!!! Harry takes Snape on as his slave but...everyone keeps forgetting who is master and who is slave...

The Interrupted Kiss: A Fairy Tale, NC-17, 24,795 words.
by emynn
Cute fairy tale (Cinderella-esque). Interesting turn of tables, in which Snape is the acclaimed hero of the wizarding world and seeking Harry after his disappearance/death - reversal of usual post-DH roles. Yet another example of a cliche that is not particularly cliche...at all. Features vulnerable!Harry who is a wand maker, with Snape as his prince (not-so-)charming. Elements of hurt/comfort for those who like that kind of thing.

Unspeakable Torture, NC-17, 7,974 words.
by the_con_cept
Lol...funny and original premise - Snape literally lending his voice (and vocab and attitude and opinions) to Harry after he's been too traumatized by Bellatrix to speak in his own voice. Cracky humor, especially the end, and not at all dark. Remarkably hot sex scene.

A Pointed Revelation, NC-17, 13,900 words.
by cruisedirector and dementordelta
Snape-is-alive! and is the instructor for Harry's Auror Training forensic potions class. Of course Harry needs remedial tutoring...again. Cute story despite being a bit too soppy and talky towards the end lol.

I'd Wank Instead (or the Forty-Fourth Day), PG, 1,576 words.
by socks4dobby1
"With only one day left to consummate their marriage, things are getting tense in the Snape-Potter household." This one is odd. Let me put it this way: if I had read this as an excerpt from a much longer fic, I'd be tripping over myself in my rush to read the entire fic. Really spot-on, delicious characterization and intriguing premise - lots of promise but feels very unfinished. Hope author writes continuation!

The Accidental Fathers (or “And Bob’s Your Uncle”), NC-17, 11,300 words.*
by suitesamba
In which Snape has a son named Bob, James Sirius Potter has gotten knocked up, and the Snapes and Potters really keep the love within the family. Please note that this one is possibly one of the most anti-cliche fics of all time. (You'll understand what I mean when you read it.) Ridiculous plotpoints that I'm pretty sure don't happen often in Snarry, and requires suspension of all disbelief. But extremely amusing in its own silly way, and features one incredibly erotic sex scene (with body oil and massage).

Arousing Exhibition, NC-17, 8,400 words.
by lilyeyes with art by veridari
Reads like an alisanne feel-good romance (with illustration!). Quidditch-player!Harry and Headmaster!Snape  get together, misunderstandings, hurt/comfort, etc.

The Space Between Us, NC-17, 28,700 words.(possibly **)
by necromanticnoir
What if Harry had discovered Snape in the Forest of Dean? ...probably not what this fic proposes, but Lacrimosa has already covered the plausibility bit, so I say: bring on the naked-sex-in-the-snow!! Lots of wild passions running amok, lots of guilt, hurting, aggression, and questionable ethics. But underneath all the jagged edges, this is really a lovely story.  Also quite plotty and dialogue-y, which I didn't expect - since stories involving usage of the Resurrection Stone typically involve little more than unrelenting angst in my experience. But this story is so far from predictable/cliche. Undeniably a romance, despite what the summary and warnings imply. By no means a happy romance, and somewhat lacking in the traditional happily-ever-after. However, I absolutely loved the ending, it is perfect for a story so unadorned by magical moments (literally) and so rife magnificent sacrifices. Because that's love - always costing more than you can pay, but always worth the price. Desperate, yearning Snape, ridiculous, broken Harry make quite a pair. Especially the sex. 

Detonation, NC-17,  ~10k words.*
by schemingreader
Snape turns up alive and somehow ends up Harry's flatmate. Just roll with it. Completely charming and delightful. The story has an understated and at times absurdist feel to it. The humor is light, the angst is non-existant, but sexual chemistry - it is like liquid oxygen and magnet, sans explosions. Virgin!anyone fics usually irritate me, but Snape's character here is so well-written (perfect mix of snarky/defensive/vulnerable) that it doesn't even bother me that he's a virgin and bottoms. He is so...adorable that I just want to lick him. Yes :P Hmm reminds me of "Train Songs" and "Barmy"...

Confusing Night, PG, 7,654 words

by hkpadfoot
Adorable and amusing, a twist on the Snape-is-a-cat cliche. I never actually understood why everybody is so set on making Harry or Snape a cat all the time, but oh well.

Falling Slowly, NC-17, 9,000 words
By [info]atypicalsnowman
Harry courts Snape without knowing what he's doing...typical. Romance and cuteness etc.

Joyride, NC-17, 21,000 words
By joanwilder/RaeWhit
Three word for this fic: lovely, lovely lovely. You will neither notice nor care about Snape's...unconventional characterization.

Unconditional (or, Buttsex… For the Children!), NC-17, 9,300 words*
By [info]eeyore9990
Harry goes back for Snape after the Final Battle and saves his life by the sheer force of his wishes. But you know what they say, be careful what you wish for... Snape somehow ends up pregnant and it's all Harry's fault. (You know, I am beginning to REALLY love these Snape-immaculate-conception fics!) While the entire story is hilarious and awesome, the best parts are the one-liners about Snape's reactions to each stage of his pregnancy scattered throughout the story. As per author recommendation, this fic is best consumed with alcoholic beverage of your choice. Complete unabashed laugh-out-loud fun for the whole family. Actually probably just you (and your vodka).

Medium Rare, R (barely), 17,285 words**
by [info]jadzialove
Another absolutely lovely read. Harry owns a pub in an obscure little English village called Oggindon, cooks up delicious traditional English dishes, and uses his sixth sense to help (dead) people. Then Snape shows up as the new apothecary owner in town, and he is not dead...at all. The setting of Oggindon is wonderfully presented, giving the whole story an atmosphere of peacefulness and quaint Englishness. I love it. I love even more Harry's tentative attempts to befriend Snape, Harry being so earnest and confuddled and flustered and all distressed and so freaking adorable! And Snape being all socially awkward and the two of them being a complete disaster together, just...aww!! And there's this scene where Snape gets sloshed - possibly one of my favorites in all Snarrydom! The story hurts and soothes, but doesn't overdo it on the angst or melodrama. Perfect balance, perfect character dynamics. My unreserved recommendation.

(belated) Snarry-A-Thon 2011 recs/reviews!

Finally posting my looooong overdue recs/reviews for the 2011 Snarry-a-thon.  I'd actually finished all the fics and wrote this entry a while ago as private, since I hadn't finished linking everything. But in all the excitement of graduation, moving to a new city, starting a new job, etc etc, I have been shamelessly neglecting my lj. Anyway, here it is, same drill - recs split into usual categories and ordered according to preference.

HIGHLY Recommended

Harry Potter and the Secret Island, NC-17, 31,650 by countesszero
Summary: In 1967 Harry is a journalist working for a music magazine who is convinced that record producer Thomas Riddle killed his parents.
Review: This fic is one part Snarry, one part plain good mystery/action, and three parts AWESOMENESS. Harry is a famous album reviewer and columnist working in 1960s London. Apparently, the crazy fun 60s wasn't just an American phenomenon, and London seems to have done it even better. Snape is a failed artist with a tragic demeanor and alcoholic tendencies (well, not so much tendencies as a serious clinical addiction...). Trust me, these characterizations work really well, and their chemistry is off the charts! Snape is fascinating in that ugly-beautiful way, which is so difficult to capture but so seductive when handled by a competent author. And the minor characters, the minor pairings...LOVED THEM ALL. There are really great details of the London music, art, and socialite scenes. The plot aspect is also very well done. The canon plotlines are recognizable and cleverly transposed, but with enough unknown elements to sustain the mystery. The climax of the story is riveting, like watching a movie. Actually, every aspect of this story is so great that I can't find a single fault. Okay, this is quite possibly The Best Snarry Non-magic AU You Have Ever Read. Seriously. Go read it right now and thank me later.

Aftermath, NC-17, 7,362 by femmequixotic and noeon
Summary: Severus regards Harry for a long moment, then leans in again, breath trailing across Harry’s lips. "Choose carefully, Potter. This is no time for games."
Review: Harry used to fuck Draco. Snape used to fuck Draco. Now, here they both are at Draco's wedding. Whiskey, cigarettes, and...well. This is, in one word, sensuous. Severus's depiction is so perfectly alluring - all smoke and musk and bitterness...and that dangerous gleam in his eye. Possibly the hottest piece of fic to come out of this entire fest, I exaggerate not. Perfect balance of sexual chemistry, emotional undercurrents, and snarky repartee. I have always been a fan of femme's writing, but this piece just had me falling to my knees in utter WORSHIP. Exquisite writing - the kind you want to roll on your tongue like fine whiskey. Gorgeous, hot, angsty, yet so very satisfying.


I Was Adrift, NC-17, 18,100 by necromanticnoir
Summary: After the war, Harry finds Snape is alive - and in Azkaban. Unfortunately, the only people allowed to visit inmates are immediate relations - or their spouses.
Review: I become more enamored of the author every time she writes a new story. Seriously, she writes some of the most angsty, UST-filled, sexy, and darkly compelling Snarries ever. This fic is no exception. Given the summary, it's pretty obvious what Harry does - given that he is Harry after all... But all is not as it seems - there is so much more at stake that it initially seems. There are layers within layers of backstory to be unraveled, and you end up getting so much more than you expect. So much frayed emotions and repressed desires - There are a few scenes that are just absolutely heartbreaking, and others that are hilarious and awkward at the same time...This fic is definitely NOT TO BE MISSED. Oh man I hope the author writes like a billion more Snarry fics in the future...

The Chronos Factor, R, 12,200 by starduchess
Summary: Time waits for no man nor wizard, not even one Harry James Potter. Harry must learn to appreciate moments with his loved ones, especially one Severus Snape.
Review: Snarry a la Benjamin Button style angst. Haunting and heartbreaking, and mind-bending...once you figure out what on earth is going on. Let me break it down for you: in an innovative effort to defeat Voldemort, "Fate" has made Harry live life backwards in order to be at his mental and magical peak when he faces Voldemort in infancy. Thus, Harry's mind and magical development runs backward in time while his body ages forward - e.g. Harry's first conscious experiences are inside an old mans body, way in the future after Voldemort's defeat, and by the time his body is a baby he is mentally an old, wise, and powerful wizard. Each second forward for him is a second back in time - his body gets younger, his experiences flow from future to past, and even conversations run backward for him. Apparently, this phenomenon is one mythically associated with Merlin, so if you're familiar with that myth you might have an easier time grasping this concept than I did. Hint: reading the dialogue backwards gives the conversation a whole new layer of meaning. (It's pretty impressive how the author has constructed the dialogues so that they in fact make sense whether read forwards or backwards.) I'm still trying to wrap my mind around what Harry had to live through - and still reeling from the anguish of his and Snape's impossible time-crossed love... This is an achingly gorgeous story.

Cupid Stunt, PG-13, 7,914 by shiv5468
Summary: Is it really wise to put a bow and arrow in the hands of a man with a grudge and no hesitation about shooting people in the back?
Review: Snape goes to Heaven and somehow gets finagled into Cupid duties, and for the Golden Trio and their friends no less. This is funny and ridiculous, but the tone and style are so well executed that it does not quite cross the line of crack. I had a great time reading this!

The Right Kind of Wrong, R, 53,000 by imera
Summary: Harry Potter is forced to be guarded by Severus Snape when his father receives kidnapping threats, but that information is not taken seriously by the wild teenager who enjoys his free lifestyle. Their life together seems doomed until a good friend of Harry realizes something both have failed to see.
Review: Non-magic Alternate Reality fic, in which Harry is a sexually promiscuous and petulant party-boy and Snape is his dour body-guard. Long and meaty, good for a relaxing afternoon read.

Vice Versa, CHAN, R, 7,000 by centaury_squill
Summary: Snape is determined that Harry won't suffer as he did. But that's just the start.
Review: This fic makes me clap my hands in glee and forget all about canon in favor of this version of events. Snape polyjuices into Harry to save him from Slughorn's lusty agenda, but as the summary implies, that's just the start of the fic. The real fun happens when he somehow gets stuck in his new form (can I just say how great it is to see Snape finally mess up a potion for once? Someone please write more fics in which this happens!) and there is only one thing for Harry to do to save the situation...take a wild guess. I loved that the events of this fic takes place over the course of HBP, overlapping with canon and really, explaining a lot of what happened. Really cleverly done. Funny and fun, and not a bit dark like the prompt might suggest. I say: encore! Sequel!!

Bump and Grind, NC-17, 6,500 by leela_cat/Leela
Summary: Love, lust, and everything in between, actually.
Review: Fun little romantic comedy, with lovable characters and really hot (public) sex. Harry gets knocked up, but by who?

Worth Checking Out

Order of the Phoenix, File Number: 056243 (The Case of the Family Discount)NC-17, 7,250 by gryffindorj
Despite Severus' misgivings Harry agrees to investigate James' boyfriend, for free. Post-DH, NC-17, 7k.
Review: This was actually a really cute established-relationship fic. I don't mean "cute" as in schmoopy and fluffy, because Snape here is definitely neither! This is a glimpse into happily-ever-after (mostly): after the messy divorce between Harry and Ginny, after the kids have grown up, and after Snape and Harry have established a successful career and relationship. Snape and Harry are partners in P.I. (their agency named, of course, the Order of the Phoenix)! How awesome is that? James Jr. wants Harry to investigate his boyfriend Teddy for suspicious behavior, and Snape is still snide and Harry still haven't lost his saving-people thing. I so totally enjoy happily-ever-after fics like this over any other plot-less out-of-character fluff-fest!

Playing with Matches
, NC-17, 13,264 by emynn
: Harry Potter finds no greater happiness in life than helping others fall in love. But he can’t quite seem to summon that same joy when Severus Snape shows up and asks him to find his match. EWE, NC-17, 13K.
Review: Harry is a professional matchmaker, and Snape is trying to get matched. This is a sweet and romantic little fic that verges on sappy (especially near the end), but is perfect for a pick-me-up!

Harry Potter and the Wizard, PG-13, 6,500 by danikos_realms
Summary: If there was something Severus prided himself on, it was having learnt from his predecessors when tasked with hiding the dangerous or horrific. He forgot to take into consideration a certain Professor’s natural penchant for trouble.
Review: The whole time I was reading this, I was going "I have no idea what is going on, but I LOVE it! hahahaha!" Headmaster Snape hides a dangerous hallucinogenic potion in the Third Floor Forbidden corridor, and of course Harry must go investigate. Whimsical and silly and quite fun.

Life's Hard Lessons, NC-17, 8,000 by claucita
Summary: The Slug Club is a place for Horace Slughorn to cultivate future connections, but for some is a place where their characters are tested.
WARNINGS: rape, underage, voyeur!Dumbledore, no happy ending
Review: This is not a happy or fluffy piece. This is another interpretation on how Slughorn "collects" and "cultivates" his chosen students...and it is not nice. Neither is Dumbledore. And of course, Snape is the one who pays most dearly, again. There is pretty graphic sexual molestation, heed the warnings. Despite the helplessness and injustice of their situation, and despite the lack of a happy ending, there are still glimmers of respite and hope for Snape and Harry, even at the end (if you are a determined optimist).

Blood Sugar Sex Magic, R, 5,285 by roozetter
Summary: When Snape taught Harry Occlumency lessons back in fifth year, he left an impression. Harry, being Harry, cannot leave it alone. OotP through DH, AU.
Review: Occlumency/legilimency fics are always interesting to me. In this fic, a subconscious bond sort of grows between Harry and Snape as a result of their Occlumency lessons. The more Harry is aware of it and "prods" at it, the stronger it grows. And prod at it he does, all through his canon adventures 5th through 7th year (this fic is kind of alternative canon). What results is a twisted, intense, and erotic...something between Snape and Harry. Prose-wise though, I wish there had been less telling and more showing/dialogue/character interactions.

Marital Probation Bliss, NC-17, 7,700 by rowaine
Summary: Voldemort's been gone five glorious years, and the magical world is slowly coming back to sanity. The one exception is their hero, Harry Potter - his job, his friends, and his love life all seem to be lacking. Regret urges him toward a decision that will shake the foundations of his life.
Review: A bit of fluffy fluff, aww...

Double Blind, R, 6,085 by ensnarryed
Summary: An accident in potions class…
Review: Classic "potions accident --> Snape makes cure --> Snarry ensues" trope, for a quick bit of fun.

An Accidental Opportunity, NC-17, 16,400 by lilyseyes
Summary: Snape was de-aged during the final battle and sent to live with his parents. Neither of whom is any better equipped to raise him a second time. So, twist on a familiar trope. Harry saves Severus from the Snapes.
Review: Snape as a (crafty) little boy is so adorable! 

Catch and Release, R, 5,561 by roozetter
Summary: Harry has a “tell,” when he needs affection. Ron never realized Severus had the same one.
Review: SUPER sweet and fluffy, told from Ron's POV. Not my usual fare but a bit of fluff now and then makes me happy, too. :)

The end.


Snape Snape Snape!! Snarry!!!!!!Collapse )

Now I need to go on a massive Snarry binge. YES.

Snarry Swap 2011 recs

So I've just finished reading all the new fics from Snarry Swap 2011 at snape_potter, and here (belated) are my recs and reviews!

Recommended - my favorite fics from the exchange:

The Gossip Files, NC-17, 9,200
Author: the_flic
Summary: When an anonymous newspaper becomes a regular feature at the Ministry, the outrageous gossip is seen as a bit of a laugh. But when Harry's name makes the front page, he doesn't find it quite so funny.
Review: Clever dialogue, amusing plot, and extremely snarky lovable characters! (Draco and Pansy!!) Actually, the sparkly 3-D characters are definitely the best part of this fic! I knew the author as soon as I read this, because aside from her trademark humor and clever writing, who else would not only redeem Snape after the war, but give him public recognition AND place him on the Wizengamot? Deliciously in-character and sexy Snape. I love it! Post-DH EWE.

Body and Soul, NC-17, 18,000
Author: the_con_cept
Summary: Harry travels back in time, Snape is a bit awkward, they both blush a lot, and Dumbledore plays the saxophone.
Review: Surreal, silly, and funny. Awkward-teenaged!Snape = ADORABLE! Post-DH EWE, time-travel.

This Time of Ours, NC-17, 35,491
Author: [info]emynn
Summary: Severus Snape wasn’t supposed to die. Neither was Harry Potter.
Review: This fic gets lots of points just for creativity - the situation Snape and Harry find themselves in is intriguing and delightful. Their interaction is also really entertaining. There are funny, poignant moments throughout, and overall is a fun read. This is partly why I love fic fests so much - I love discovering new authors whose writing I love, and I can't wait to read more of this author's Snarry fics! She writes great Harry and Snape characterizations! Post-DH (epilogue compliant...ish), time-travel...ish.

Short Accounts, NC-17, 7,300
Author: [info]joanwilder/RaeWhit
Summary: "Keep your accounts short, and you'll have no regrets."
Review: Such a lovely, humorous, and erotic little story! A perfect blend of melancholy and light-heartedness, surrealism and eroticism - perect. And this Severus is so delicious...you have to read it to know what I mean ;P Post-DH EWE.

Some other fics that were good and Worth Checking Out:

Crime is of the Essence, NC-17, 42,700
Author: k8bnimble
Summary: When a man he hasn’t seen in almost ten years appears in his home with a man he thought was dead for twenty years, Harry Potter knew his evening had just gotten complicated.
Review: Apparently, Snarry / Sherlock Holmes crossovers are now really popular. This is a fun and creative version that doesn't involve time travel. Great mystery plot. Snape here is a little too nice (for my taste), but that may just be due to the fact that he has no memories. Post-DH Snape-is-alive-!

Uneasy Relations, NC-17, 12,500
Author: [info]centaury_squill
Summary: Kingsley Shacklebolt gives Auror Harry Potter an important mission.
Review: Post-DH, Snape is not so dead after all, and Harry must go retrieve him. They hide out in Wales with likeable-Dudley and his awesome wife. Naughty anagrams...flirty!Snape...great fun in general.

The Virtues of His Mother, NC-17, 11,500
Author: [info]gatewaygirl
Summary: Harry isn't James. On the other hand, he also isn't Lily. This complicates his current role.
Review: Really creative take on teen!Snape. Snape won't wake up after being rescued from the Shack, and Harry accidentally falls into a legilimentic bond with him, and they live through Snape's memories together. Except this time around, Harry takes Lily's place and handles events rather differently from Lily. After all the times I've cursed Lily for abandoning Snape and all the times I've wished that Snape had only had a little more love, a little more loyalty, a little more friendship in his life, reading this fic was like having all my wishes granted! It is so good to see Snape get the good things he deserves for once. It also doesn't hurt that Snape and Harry's teenage love affair was so sweet and awkward and wonderful! Post-DH EWE.

An Insatiable Appetite, NC-17, 7,300
Author: lilyseyes
Reivew: In which the ONE TIME Severus bottoms, he ends up pregnant. Poor Harry has to put up with all his unreasonable demands and mood swings. I love these fics where it takes something drastic for Snape to appreciate the value of their love. Mpreg, H/C, established-relationship.

It Makes No Sense to Hate a Dead Man, R, 16,000
Author: [info]wordslave
Summary: If Snape is dead, why is he showing up so often in Harry’s dreams?
Review: A quite well-written story that feels longer than it is, in a good way! Nice plot and character development, with some nice Snape-Harry interactions and a yummy ending. Post-DH, EWE.

In Like a Lion, NC-17, 9,900
Author: lovetoseverus
Summary: When the Ministry throws a five-year anniversary Ball to commemorate the end of the war, Hermione decides she’s run out of patience with Harry’s love life – or lack of it – and enlists the help of a colleague to nudge things along.
Review: The soul-magic bit was a bit too fluffy/sappy, but overall, not bad. Post-DH EWE.

Tea Time, NC-17, 1,330
Author: [info]torino10154
Summary: "I like persons better than principles, and I like persons with no principles better than anything else in the world." ~Oscar Wilde
Review: I almost wasn't sure whether I would rec this, but something about this little fic - its juxtaposition of fluff and twisted-darkness, is just too compelling to be skipped over. So. Snape and Harry, happily ever after...

Wow I have been completely out of fandom for the last 2 months, due to all the excitement of being back on campus. Tonight I'm taking a break from studying for midterms but didn't want to waste any time looking for a fic to read, so I chose something that I KNEW would be fantastic, even if it sounded intimidating...and guess what? It was BEYOND fantastic!

cluegirl: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence [NC-17, 36K] - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
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The Sleeping Prince by Who La Hoop

The Sleeping Prince by Who La Hoop
Genre(s): Romance, First-time, Drama, post-DH EWE, Hogwarts-era
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: rated Mild R by author, but PG-13 IMO
Word Count: ~41,600
Summary: It's hard to ignore your past — and impossible to do so when you can't remember your future. But a meddlesome portrait, a dragon with an ancient grudge and true love's kiss teach an unlikely Prince that a regrettable past doesn't have to mean an unhappy ending.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Fics like this one are the reason I am laboriously (yeah right lol) working my way through the backlog of SG. I would have never heard of this one, or have dismissed it after the first thousand or so words because of a plot device I am prejudiced against. The Trio somehow manage to resuscitate a comatose Snape, but something goes wrong and Snape becomes his 18-year-old self, with no memories of his older self. He stays on at Hogwarts with Harry and the rest who are making up their last year. What ensues is the kind of delightful, awkward, uncertain first-time teenage romance that this cross-gen pairing doesn't often see (the kind of romance I used to enjoy a lot in Drarry, but never thought would work so well in Snarry!). Normally, regressing Snape to a younger and more easily handled version of himself before establishing a bond between him and Harry seems like cheating to me. Here, however, younger!Snape is so very skillfully handled and the progression of their relationship, from confused hostility to tentative friendship to something more (in various orders, back and forth), is so in character and compelling that I believed in each grazing touch, each stuttering moment. Harry's obtuseness about his own feelings for Snape had me giggling - especially the way he secretly refers to his incomprehensible Gay Crush with a code name in his own mind (aww!). I also loved the way Ron and Hermione are depicted here; their reactions to Harry's secret Gay Crush is amusing and sweet. Above all, the author has an insightful grasp of Snape's personality. As I've mentioned before, solid characterization is my no-fail kink - this Snape is so IC it made me shiver with happiness. I had no trouble accepting this younger version of Snape as the bona fide one; his mannerisms, right down to the irrational tantrums and suspicions disposition, is very much how I believe younger Snape to be. His particular brand of friendship and of desire is so perfectly realized, so real and personal that it makes my heart ache with memories of my own. Harry and Snape's bashful interactions and ridiculous jaunts are delightful. The UST is delicious, not hindered at all by a PG-13 rating! The twist (of sorts) near the end had my heart in my mouth. This entire story is such a treat, and I am so happy after reading it!

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*As updated in the SG 2008 Reviews Part I entry.

Alice In Wonderland Fic Rec

Sometimes, when I'm watching a movie or TV show or reading a book, I become really worked up over unresolved issues. I pick up slashy or UST-y undertones between characters that are usually unresolved (e.g. Olivia/Eliot from Law & Order SVU, Fool/Fitz in Robin Hobb's books). Or maybe I just really want to see things resolved in a different way (or at all). In any case, I always find myself in a desperate scramble for fanfic to feed my cravings, and end up dabbling in a non-HP fandom temporarily. These interests never last long, but I occasionally find gems that really impress me and REALLY hits the spot.

The following fic is for Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland," which I just watched. It was a great movie (Johnny Depp AND Alan Rickman's Voice...need I say more?), but the chemistry between the Hatter and Alice was off the charts and the ending totally left me hanging! Johnny Depp's Hatter is such a fascinating character, and by the end Alice's character is pretty awesome, too! I wanted to see them ride out their potential as a pairing (only subtly hinted at in the movie), and ran across a series of fics which gave me that, and more.

Making Hats, and sequels by Icka! M. Chif (aka mischif)
Word Count: most under 2,000 words
Rating: General
Warnings: Spoilers for most of the movie
Summary: He is caught on the letter ‘A’. Absolution, anger, absence, angst, arrogance, apathy, abandoned, alone…
REVIEW: This follows immediately after the end of the movie, and the series continues to explore What If Alice Left But Returned? to great effect. The series is extremely faithful to the movie, but builts and extrapolates and expands on the world and characters skillfully and accurately. The author has obviously done her homework: thorough research and familiarity with the original texts are apparent in the fics. The characterizations of the Hatter, Alice herself, the White Queen, etc are insightful and IC and fascinatingly rich. Above all, the tone of the stories is whimsical and almost dream-like - perfect for the situation. The writing itself is beautiful, smooth, with a light touch that is all the more evocative and compelling. The Hatter/Alice component is sweet and in-character, not over-done. Multiple character POV's are employed, giving it more nuance. Basically, it's a must-read after watching the movie and will really add to the movie experience!

(Note that all the successive sequels are linked at the end of each fic, except for the last one, Managing Time.)